hey girl, hey!  

Wouldn’t it be fun for Impact Women to be a regular part of your life?

YOU  have earth-shaking potential, and we want to invest in you more than just once a year at our conference.   We have a vision of unleashing a network of women, gathered together in their communities to build relationships, encourage one another, and to help each other step into our unique design.  We want to do this through monthly huddles designed to help equip, empower, and mobilize you into your dreams!


Choose Today

to Huddle with Impact Women!

Picture a sports team; they Huddle together to receive plays from their coach. Then, they mobilize into action, taking it to the field.  That’s the vision here. we Huddle together Via a private Facebook Community where we coach and inspire you through Live videos and articles aimed at helping you to mobilize into your unique impact. we also Utilize a.C.T.S (Action Changes Things) with new topics released monthly designed to help you reflect, gain self awareness, and to take action in your life. we believe that when we link arms with others we are more likely to move forward, so we also encourage you to grab a few other women (girlfriends, coworkers, family members, etc.) to gather together face to face for authentic conversations around the ACT once or twice a month.

So Invite a friend or woman you believe in!

Let’s spark a movement of women who CHOOSE to lean in, to show up each month, and who take the inspiration and put it into ACTION. Together, we will Impact & change the world.

Are you ready to truly take ACTION in your life? Let’s Do this!

 email impactwomenNV@gmail.com if you have any Questions.