The Suite Life

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I love my friend, Laurie! Her life exudes kindness, grace and strength. When she challenged me to write a job description as the CEO of my life, I was intrigued. I was inspired! I thought it would be easy. I was wrong!

My Google search left me frustrated and confused; nothing seemed to fit. Then I realized something true, simple, and profound. We all receive the title of CEO at birth. Each of us has a unique key to our own Executive Suite. THAT is an amazing thought!  

My friend’s challenge led to more discovery! Being the CEO means I’m not in control or in charge of everything that happens TO me. It does not mean I ignore the work of God in my life. Actually, as a person of faith, I believe in the work of the Creator. I believe in my personal responsibility to do something with my life. In fact, I believe God calls me to be the BEST CEO I can possibly be and to use this role to serve others. Period.

The truth is, my friend, you and I are perfect for this CEO job. We can show up for this or not.  

The consequences of not showing up result in the invasion of squatters … Fear. Procrastination. Unforgiveness. Regret. Promises broken. Meaningless distractions. Wasted time. … All cover the walls, windows and floors of our Suite with dirt and grime. On days we do show up, half-heartedly, we sit outside the door or in a dark corner of the room, enjoying the life-is-so-hard pity party. Believe me, this is NO party!

Then something happens. A new friend. An inspiring conference or podcast. A verse from scripture that you know was written just for you. And a little flicker of hope touches your darkness. Oh! What a great day when we grab our key, move back in, and do the necessary work to reclaim our rightful place as CEO! We step into that hard, but lovely place of beginning again; determined to create a place of beauty, strength, impact and service to others. 

When I choose to show up to my Executive Suite, my life changes in so many ways. Spiritually, relationally, financially, professionally, physically, and mentally. It’s amazing! 

 The key? A simple question that I repeat daily to filter my daily decisions: 

What must be TRUE in my life TODAY in order to achieve my desired result for the FUTURE?

It’s not magic. My life didn’t get easier when I started living like the CEO. It did become simpler. It made my vision clearer. With less noise; very little clutter. I’m still learning how to be a visionary leader who works hard at keeping her own windows clean in a Suite full of light and beauty. I accept that life happens FOR ME instead of TO ME. Every day, the buck stops with me. 

What about you? You are the CEO of your life. You are already her or him! What does your Executive Suite look like? Are you living each day with a powerful key and purpose? Or does your Executive Suite need some remodeling?  

Action changes things. The first step is to reach out for help TODAY. Find your key TODAY. Reclaim your place TODAY. And above all…

Live. Live in truth. Live in freedom. Live boldly.

Live out loud. 

Live the suite life! 

Written by: Catherine Fuller

Sunny Cain