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Have you seen all of our ads, perhaps even been invited, yet still have reservations because you aren’t sure what you would be walking in to? We figured there was no better way to describe it than for you to hear the stories from some of the women who attended. Below, our friend Kaitlyn Auxier shares her story.

”I found Impact Women at a time in my life when I was very lost. I felt like I was waging a war against every single person I knew. I couldn’t help but compare myself to others, believing they were happier than I would ever be. I let these thoughts drag me down to rock bottom. I couldn’t stand when people would tell me to “hang in there” or to “look for the light at the end of the tunnel,” because honestly I just couldn’t see the light they promised was there.

My lost heart was wandering for so long, searching desperately for someone to tell me I mattered- my job, my family, my friends, “likes” on social media. I realized that even if someone had told me I mattered it was never going to be enough, because I didn’t believe it about myself.  At the Impact Women Conference I heard this message, “your worth is not something that has to be earned” and something really incredible happened inside of me. I started to change. My circumstances didn’t change, the people around me didn’t change, social media didn’t change- I did. I stopped waiting for permission to love myself and simply did it. I don’t need to hold out for that light at the end of the tunnel because my life is lit, fully and gloriously illuminated.

The conference wasn’t a high that stayed for a few days and faded away, it stuck with me. I made a conscious decision to not allow it to end.  When I find myself falling back into that dark place, I have my Impact Huddle and ACT to turn to. The monthly ACTs and Huddle conversations remind me of the truths and feelings I experienced at the conference. They remind me of the strong woman I am, and who I choose to be.”

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