Are You a Honeybee or a Mosquito?


Do you make excuses? I don’t mean to, but I most certainly do! For example, right now my Internet is a little slow. I feel like scratching the rest of my to-do list because it’s late.  I’m tired. And I’m impatient. Here’s the deal. There will always be a reason not to take action. There will always be a super smart, logical, justifiable reason to procrastinate. The question is… will you take the bait? 

I read a meme today that said:

“The words ‘I am just too busy’ have stolen more dreams from people than anything. The truth is, people do what they want and are as busy as they want to be. Opportunity waits for no one.”

Is busy-ness your excuse? Because it’s been mine more than once…just this week. That’s why this little meme stung so much when I read it. 

I don’t feel as bothered by my busy-ness when I remember that I’m choosing it. It’s not an affliction. We need to stop wearing 'busy-ness' as a badge of honor. The truth is,

we are so busy making a living for ourselves that we forget to make a LIFE.  

My pastor once said that both honey bees and mosquitoes are busy. The difference in their busy-ness, however, is pretty profound. The honeybee impacts its community and surroundings. Every time a honeybee leaves the hive, it collects food for the colony. When inside the flower collecting food, they're actually pollenating the flower. They're creating fruit and FOOD for the world. Dang! That's a good kind of busy! That's purpose if I've ever seen it.

But mosquitoes... they just suck the life out of us.

What kind of busy are you? Are you a honeybee or is what you’re doing sucking the life out of you?

I want to be a life maker—a life giver. I want to use the limited amount of time I have here to make an impact. I can’t keep using the things I have to do as a reason why I can’t do the things I’m called to do.

I want to make a LIFE, not just a living…

When you get to the end, what will have mattered most? What will it all have been for? What will you look back and be most proud of? Will it be that you were always VERY busy doing... things? Things that may or may not have REALLY mattered? I hope to know, in the end, that what I did wasn't for nothing. I hope to know that the things I spent my time doing will be relevant to people when I'm gone. All that will be left of me is what I did with my chance to make an impact.

So what do you think… are you a honeybee?

Written by Wendy Cunningham

Sunny Cain