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impact Women


Impact Women is a catalyst inspiring women to impact the world by helping them step into their unique design. What started out of a necessity in our community to build relationships and encourage each other, has over the years grown into a vibrant & powerful movement of women from all walks of life. Whether it’s through our Conference, one of our huddles, or Encounters with us on social media, our intention is to serve as a catalyst of transformation in your life. If living a life of authenticity and purpose interests you, then please join us at our next event.



We are a catalyst inspiring women to impact the world by helping them step in to their unique design.

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Sunny Cain | FOUNDER + CEO

Sunny is a catalytic communicator with an infectious love for life who loves empowering people to courageously pursue their dreams. A dynamic leader who engages people with her authenticity, humor, courage, and passion for God, Sunny inspires others to find health, hope, and healing. A big dreamer herself, Sunny’s messages of hope and purpose awaken the potential inside of her audience and are rallying a generation to take action.  Sunny is a speaker, coach, friend, and strategist, and the founder and CEO of Impact Women. She is devoted to her husband, Paul, and their four children, Deven, Hannah, Gracey, and Jaxson.

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